About Me


Me! The BFG (Big Friendly Ginger)

Hey, I’m Martyn! I'm your North West Wedding photographer. I live in Great Harwood, Lancashire (but don't worry I'm happy to travel where ever you need!).

I'm originally from the Lake District and after a brief stint down south (it was far too sunny for me!) I returned to my roots in the great north where I met my wife, Sam.

Having recently moved house I'm learning to garden, which I've got to say has never been my strong point...I'm more of a destructive gardener so give me an axe and I'm more at home! 

We've recently added four furry paws to the family in the shape of a cheeky border terrier puppy called Arthur. He definitely keeps us on our toes! You'll often find me wandering around the fields chasing after a furry blur!


B.F.G. Trivia

1. Although I don't have much of an accent, I'm a Lancashire lad through and through.

2. I've been a photographer for 8 years (that's longer than I realised!). I started when I ran a retail business with my wife doing everything from portraits, lifestyle, product and equine shoots. Having only recently moved into wedding photography, I love bringing everything together! 

3. I LOVE Rum...anything spiced and I'm happy!

4. I have a Border Terrier puppy call Arthur...he's currently trying to pull my slipper off my foot!

​5. I've actually worked as a Forensic Scientist for over 10 years (now that makes me feel old!)

6. I'm 6foot4...but still manage to blend in/hide behind a suitably placed bush to get the shot!


Did someone say rum??

I've been doing various forms of photography for around 8 years now (probably more but I stopped counting to be honest!). 

I started when my wife opened a retail shop, we needed a lot of product photos and lifestyle photos so I gave it a go...and loved it! 

The next step on the photography journey was landscapes, long walks in the middle of nowhere with a big bag full of kit. 

In the end I kind of did a bit of everything! Then in 2019 I was asked if I wanted to be the wedding photographer for some good friends...and although I have to admit I was nervous I was told to grow a pair and go for it! So I did some training, got focused, even booked in a few more weddings...then 2020 happened and we all know how that went! 

Thankfully all of my amazing couples managed to rearrange their weddings and I took the leap into being a wedding photographer. 



From Prep...To Party (and beyond)


It's safe to say since that first wedding things have taken off a bit! 2022 is already looking busier than was planned and couples already booking in for 2023 and 2024 I'm definitely feeling the love! 

To be involved in a couples big day is such an honor and if you like the look of my work and, just as importantly, think we'd have a laugh together, please get in touch. I'd love to have a chat and hear your plans!

Anyway...that's enough about me...I need to go and find out what Arthur has done with my slipper!

Good luck with the wedding prep and let's have a chat!