Does my dog need to be trained for a dog photo shoot?

I know what you’re thinking…what happens if my dog is on one and just won’t do what you tell them?! Don’t worry I don’t need a Crufts dog! I’m there to capture your dog as they are…if that means them performing their favorite trick or charging around a field we’ll get those moments that will make you smile every time you look at them!

I love doing dog photography! I know that every dog I meet is going to have its own personality and quirks...for me, that’s what makes it fun. Getting to know them and really capturing them as they are, how you know them!

If you can get you dog to sit or lie down that’s great! Even if it’s only for a second don’t worry that’s enough for me to get the shot! I like to have a quick plan of a shot before we get your dog into position so I’m ready to shoot as soon as they’re in place. This makes it so much easier and quicker to get the photo and makes sure that the pup doesn’t get fed up!

Can’t let you pup off the lead yet?? Not a problem! If needed I can remove any leads from the image after to make sure there’s nothing distracting from your fur baby.

I’ve photographed dogs in all sorts of locations including everything from a snowy field to their favourite chair in the living room, no matter what you want from your dog photography shoot I promise together we can make that happen!

So why not get in touch and let’s have a chat about what you’re looking for!

All the best


Lancashire Dog Photographer

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