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Taking Photos...
Not Taking Over!

Your day is about you ….. not your photographer.


So instead of standing there, ordering people around and posing you for half the day, I go for a more relaxed, natural and fun wedding photography style.

I aim to bring a calm and relaxed approach while capturing the natural, beautiful moments that will stay with you forever!

Less  Posing...More Prosecco!

Relaxed   Natural   Beautiful

From Prep...To Party (and beyond)

Nothing Hidden

1 Package. 1 Price!

It's as simple as that! Nothing hidden, no extra charge to actually get your photos and no unexpected costs.

No one has time to mess around trying to workout a why bother?

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Me! The BFG (Big Friendly Ginger)

Hey! I'm Martyn … the Big Friendly Ginger Lancashire Wedding Photographer!

I love photographing the natural moments, the ones that  capture the day as it really was. Sod getting everyone to stop having fun just to pose 'like' they're having fun!

From support during the planning stages right through to party and beyond, I'm there to ensure you have the best experience possible!

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Get in Touch

Fancy a chat about anything? Just drop me a message and I'll help in any way I can!

Thanks for submitting!

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